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"Ali was an inspiration to me in dance and in life"

Ali Perzel was my dance teacher at a local dance studio for 7 years. Through my rehearsals and performances for both group dances and solos, Ali taught me so much. At the beginning of each dance season, we would sit down and create a list of goals that I wanted to improve upon that year. Each class we would work a little bit on one or two of my goals before diving into whatever dance we were rehearsing that day. At the end of the year, I loved seeing how far I had come from working little by little each week. She taught me that practice makes perfect, and determination is the key to achieving my goals. Aside from being an inspiring dance teacher, Ali always brings a ray of sunshine into any room or situation she walks into. When we would do core workouts in class, she’d smile the whole time – she made it somehow seem tolerable. Even at competitions and recitals, Ali always stood backstage calming us down and cheering us on. If I messed up choreography or my costume malfunctioned, she’d tell me that I nailed my triple pirouette or that she was proud that my smile never faded. Ali was an inspiration to me in dance and in life, and I continue to use the determination and enthusiasm she taught me everyday.

Megan S.

About Us

"She fostered a unique joy for dancing in me"

Ali is one of the most passionate, caring instructors I ever had in my 10 years of dancing. She came to every class full of infectious energy, making me and the other dancers ready to dive into another class with all our effort, no matter what was going on outside the room. She fostered a unique joy for dancing in me; through my classes with Ali, I came to see dance not only as a hobby, but as a way to improve my discipline, attitude, mood and motivation.

Ali knows how to work positively in both private classes and group settings, catering feedback and critique to the current atmosphere to effectively communicate to her students. Ali is dedicated to teaching, and truly wants to see her students succeed, from toddlers learning just how to control their limbs to advanced students trying to perfect their fouette turns.

Rhiannon W.

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"Dance is her game"

Miss Ali is her name, and dance is her game. She pushes her students, but only enough to get the move she knows we can do. She believes in her students even when they don’t always believe in themselves. Her love and passion for both dancing and teaching is undeniable, it shows in everything that she does. Even on recital and competition weekends her smile and energy never fade. Being a dancer has given me the strength and confidence I have today. I can speak in front of crowds and I know what hard work looks like thanks to dance class and performing for hundreds of people at recitals and competitions. Miss Ali was not my only dance teacher, but I will forever remember her as being patient, knowledgeable and kind.

So thank you Miss Ali for a number of different things, but above all, thanks for being you!

Kayla M.

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"I love branches of dance"

I love branches of dance because we are like family. We all care and love each other like a real family does. All the students and teachers make sure everyone feels welcomed and involved. We have group chats, sleepovers, and community events we all go to and are involved in to make us come together as one. Branches of Dance is like a second family to me and will always be one.

Athena Y.

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"I love the new friends I've made"

When I dance at Branches of Dance, I feel happy. I love dancing in my tap shoes. I love dancing to Aladdin music. I love the new friends I've made. Miss Ali is so nice. She taught me how to dance on my tippy toes. And I love Miss Kim's outfits!

Andie Taylor, 5 years old, 2nd year at Branches of Dance.

About Us

"He fell in love instantly"

Branches of Dance has been such an important part of our lives. Aiden was a shy, hyperactive little boy having trouble making friends, have problems in school, and just trying to find where he belonged. When Aiden tried BOD, he fell in love instantly. The instructors were amazing and i saw the little boy blossom into a determined, mostly hardworking young man... that was 3 years ago. BOD has such amazing opportunities which allowed Aiden to try so many different dance styles from ballet with Ms. Ali to his current HipHop and Breakdance with Ms. Kim. All instructors at BOD are so talented and great with Aiden, but he seems to have a special relationship with Ms.Kim who was able to take his crazy, hyper, rambunctious boy style and put that energy to make him into a funky, lovable HipHopper that he is able to channel his extra energy into! The amount of patience, strength, and ENERGY she has to keep up with those boys is astounding and we wouldn't have him love these classes any other way. Aiden has said on multiple occasions that he finally feels like he found a place he belongs with a teacher who understands him.

Our family loves BOD so much and we recommend them to anyone who even mentions dance classes and as 3 years as a BOD family, we look forward to many more to come!

The Nihart Family