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Dress Code

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Dress Code

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Dress Code Rules

Here at Branches of Dance we strongly inforce our dress code. Failure to follow the dress code will result in not being able to participate in class. Our instructors need to be able to see the student’s body to insure they are doing moves correctly. If the student has baggy clothes on, the instructors cannot see all the student’s alignments. Therefore the student could get injured, so for your child’s safety please follow our dress code. Hair must be pulled back for all classes.

Dress Down Week

The first full week of every month is dress down week. Students can wear ANY COLOR leotard all other dress codes still apply (proper shoes, tights, and hair pulled back).

Preschool Programs

(Mommy & Me, The Seedling, and The Buds) Basics: Pink leotard, Pink or Black skirt/tutu, shorts, or leggings.

Level 1

Basics: Purple leotard, Black shorts, black skirts, or leggings.

Level 2

Basics: Burgundy leotard, Black shorts, black skirt, or leggings.

Level 3

Basics: Light blue leotard, Black shorts, skirt, or leggings.

Performance Team

Basics: Black leotard, Black skirt, shorts, or leggings.


Basics: ALL BLACK Sweat pants, loose fitting pants, shorts, or t-shirt. NO JEANS!

Shoes & Tights for class

(All styles of dance require pink tights)


Pink leather or canvas ballet shoe.

Jazz, Baton/Twirling, Musical Theater

tan jazz shoes.


white cheer sneakers

Pre-Pointe & Pointe

Pre-pointe students should wear canvas or leather ballet shoes. Instructors will give instruction on when and where to purchase Pointe shoes.

Hip-Hop/Break Dance

black hip-hop sneakers.

Modern/Contemporary, Lyrical

tan canvas half-soles shoes.


black tap shoes


bare feet

Musical Theater

tan jazz shoes

Technique Classes

Pink ballet shoes, or tan canvas half-sole shoes