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Branches of Dance Competition Team

Competition Team Auditions

Every year we hold auditions for spots on our competition team for the following dance year. Everyone is welcome to try out. It is required that each student interested in competition team needs to audition. No exceptions. Each student is to fill out a competition registration form, and have a parent’s signature and return it to the front desk.
Parents please talk to your children about the fact that not everyone will be accepted.

Audition Process

Students can audition for group classes as well as solos, duo, and trios. If auditioning for a solo, duo or trio be sure you and you’re partner audition on the same day. Arrive for the scheduled time for the style of dance you’d like your solo-duo-trio to be. You will learn the choreography in group, then solos will perform alone, and duo-trios audition together.

Parents are to wait in the waiting room during auditions. Students should arrive early to stretch on their own. Students will be given a number to wear during auditions, and will then learn choreography quickly. Students will be broken into small groups to perform and then be video recorded and judged. Students are judged based on technique, stage presence, and overall performance.


Approximately one-two weeks after auditions, results will be given to students by e-mail. Results will have each judge’s notes and a scoring system of 1-10. You will need to audition every year for the competition team. As time goes on students may be moved to different level classes as they continue to grow. Once accepted onto the competition team you will receive your summer/fall schedule. You will also receive your yearly performance schedule, with dates for competitions, dress rehearsals, workshops, and special performances.

Rules & Attendance

Competition classes are classes designed for serious dancers, for the student who wishes to push themselves as far as the can in dance. Some of the many benefits of the competition team will include being invited to special events. Including; performance opportunities in the community, competitions, workshops at the studio, and dance conventions. Students on competition team are REQUIRED to take TWO technique classes, in addition to their competition class. Technical class choices are; Ballet, Lyrical, Technique, Pointe, or Leaps & Turns.

Attendance is very important in competition classes, because you will learn your dances at a much faster speed. So missing a class or two could result in the student not knowing choreography. You have 5 un-excused (November-May) absences in the dance season. You may be excused from class for things like: a death in family, injuries and medical emergencies, etc. Things not excused and would count as a miss would be vacations, school functions, sports, etc. Failure to follow the attendance protocol will result in being dismissed from competition team. If you cannot attend class, you must call the studio. Calling in sick will require a doctor’s note. Competition team class DANCES ALL YEAR ROUND.

Dress code

Here at Branches of Dance we strongly enforce our dress code. Competition Team wears light blue leotards and pink tights to all styles of dance. Black shorts, skirts, and leggings are acceptable. Failure to follow the dress code will result in not being able to participate in class. Hair must be pulled back for all classes. Not acceptable: Jewelry, Jeans, baggy clothes, street shoes, socks (they are extremely slipper on the floors).

Tuition's & Fees

There is a onetime fee to Branches of Dance to be on the competition team of $350. This is to cover the cost of your Dream Duffle, Stage Makeup Kit, Earrings and personalized Competition Uniform (warmup suit). This competition fee is due August 10th. Other fees would be; regular tuition payments, costume fees ($75 per class), competition fees (paid to the competition), workshops and conventions (optional). We hold fundraisers throughout the year to help offset these costs.

Dress Rehearsal

Competition Dress rehearsal is MANDATORY. Dress rehearsal will be held in regularly scheduled class time, two weeks prior to competition. You are required to bring costumes, accessories, tights, (old tights) and shoes to dress rehearsal. You should have your hair and makeup done prior to class rehearsal. Parents are welcomed in class to take pictures, videos, and watch the dress rehearsal.


We will be attending 3 Competitions. Competitions will be held January – May. It is required that all students are there. No exceptions. Branches of Dance will receive the competition schedule one week before the competition. Usually, solos, duos, and trios are on Fridays and group numbers are on Saturday, and Sunday. But every competition is different. You are to arrive 1 hour prior to your designated performance time, because competition can run ahead of schedule. Once arriving at competition find our studio and stay together. Please wear your Branches of Dance gear to represent who you dance for.