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Professional Dance Classes

As a local, family-oriented dance studio in Reading, Branches of Dance is dedicated to providing a friendly, safe, and comfortable environment for your child to discover all the benefits that dance can bring. We also offer professional dance classes for all kids until the age of 18. The following are a few of our dance areas:

While our offerings run the gamut from tumbling to ballet, the majority of our dancers are preschool-age children enrolled in our specialized classes that help to train body movement, encourage personal development, and introduce your child to the world of performance. From learning about music to socialization skills, Branches of Dance classes offer a wide range of benefits.

All the classes at our local studio are led by a team of high-quality teachers who have both performed and choreographed in Off-Broadway productions. Safety and proper dance techniques are always our highest priorities and we'll make sure your little ones master the basics in a safe manner before moving on to advanced steps. Bringing world-class dance knowledge to Reading children is our goal and you'll be impressed by what our little dancers can accomplish in only a single year of classes.

Preschool dance programs

The Seedlings

A dance program for ages 3-5 consisting of a 45 minutes class where each child will learn beginner ballet movements, focusing on balance, body strengthening, motor skills, and learning beginning leaps as well as learning song and dance movements. In recital students will perform one dance.

The Buds

This class is for student who have completed the seedlings/sprouts, or are the ages of 5-6. In this beginner level one hour class students will have the choice of Ballet/tap, ballet/jazz, or hip-hop/acro. In this one hour class students will do 30 mintues of each style. This is so students can learn multiple styles of dance and stay focused. Student will warm up, and travel across the floor, learning beginner movement of each style. In recital students will perform 2 dances, one in each style.

Home School Dance Classes

Branches of Dance now offers dance classes during the day for home school/cyber school families. Homeschool dance classes are a 4 week commitment without a recital performance. Any color leotard and tights are needed for class. Home School dance classes are held on Tuesdays 1-2pm. Check out the current dance schedule to see when, and what styles we are currently offering.

After Completing the Preschool age programs, or turning the age 6 students can move onto our regular classes.

Ballet (ages 7 & up)

A Classical form of dance that is the foundation of every other style of dance. This class will consist of barre work, center work, and traveling across the floor. Students are training in this style to prepare for pointe work. We encourage every student to take as many ballet classes as possible to help build the foundation of technique. It will aid every dancer no matter what style of dance they are trying to excel in. Ballet will only improve all of your dance skills. Students will perform one dance in recital to a classical song.

Lyrical (ages 7 & up)

A form of ballet, with more expressive movements. This class will consist of starting with barre work, center work, and traveling across the floor stretching, jumps and turns across the floor, and a center combination. To be in lyrical you must take one ballet class a week to ensure proper technical training needed for this style. Students will perform one dance to a non-classical song in recital.


This style of classical ballet is for advanced ballet dancer. All pointe classes are by invitation only and must be approved by your ballet instructor before enrolling for this class. This class consists of barre work, center work and across the floor depending on the level of the dancer. Beginner pointe will learn about proper care of their feet, different types of shoes, how to sew their shoes, and what is needed inside the shoes for comfort. This is a great honor to have strengthened and prepared for this advanced level of ballet. Students must taking at least one ballet class a week to ensure proper training for a pointe class. When the instructor thinks the class is ready (usually after one year of class) then the students will perform one dance in recital.


Zumba is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.

Modern/Contempoary (7 & up)

This style of dance is based from techniques in ballet but also using the opposite movements of ballet. This class will include contractions, strength, floor work, and use of the floor through low movements. This is a great class for the free spirited we encourage improve/self-chorography and to listen to the music and express an emotion or feeling with movements to tell a story. Students will perform one dance in recital.

Jazz (7 & up)

This style of dance is based from techniques of ballet. Typically the style of dance you see on Broadway, concerts or television. Jazz is usually fast-paced with accented movements danced to popular music. Class includes a warm-up including isolations, stretching, and across the floor including jumps and turns, and a center combination. This class will perform one dance in recital and may use props in their recital dance.

Musical Theater (7 & up)

A jazz focused class. Consists of acting, drama, and dance this class will explore the excitement and fun of theatre through roll play, games, creative drama, improvisation, and the exposure to plays and musicals. The dance portion of the class emphasizes movement combinations, strengthening and stretching. Students will learn varied styles and choreography based on Characters, Broadway Musicals, Movies, or Television. This class will perform one dance in recital and may use props in their recital dance.

Hip-Hop & Boys Hip-hop(7 & up)

This popular style of dance consists of strength training, upper and lower body isolations, and different stunts. After warming-up with isolations, strengthening, and stretching, then class will finishing with a challenging combination. In this class you will explore all the different style of hip-hop like pop n lock, break dancing, krumping, and more. Boys will be in a class of their own learning a more masculine style dance for recital. Each hip-hop class will perform one dance in recital.

Break Dance (7& up)

This class is a street dance style teaching moves often seen on the streets of NYC or on MTV. Danced to pop, funk or hip hop music and often remixed to prolong the breaks, breaking is a well-known hip hop dance style.

Tap (7 & up)

A type of dance in where the students’ shoes are sounded out by the clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer's shoes. Student will learn about balance, strength, and isolation of the feet and ankles. Class will consist of a warm-up, stretching, across the floor exercises, and center combinations. Styles include Broadway style, clogging, and hoofing. This class will perform one dance in recital and may use props in their recital dance.

Acrobatics (7 & up)

If you love to somersault, cartwheel, and perform tricks, and gymnastics. This style of dance is for you. Acrobatics will improve your flexibility and strength, and you will have a great time. We're working on the basic forward roll up to the back tuck. Enhance your dancing by learning these amazing tricks, while increasing flexibility and core strength. This class will perform one dance in recital while using tumbling matts for safety.


In this class students will practice cheer technique and acrobatic tricks to help improve their cheer leading skills.


Baton/Twirling is a class involving the manipulation of a metal rod and the performer's body to a coordinated routine. It is similar to rhythmic gymnastics or color guard.

Technique ages (7 & up)

A class based solely on the technique of ballet. This is an hour long class of barre, and center work. There is no choreography in this class, no costumes, and no participation in recital. This class is open to everyone but are mandatory for our competition students to take at least two a week (can be two different technique classes).

Private Lessons

30 minute lessons are for 1-3 dancers per session. Private lessons are designed to help students achieve their dance goals in a private one on one session with their instructor. Also, to learn choreography for solos, duos, and trios, for competition. Students must be at least 8 years of age and enrolled in regular weekly classes.

Adult Classes

Contact us to see what styles of dance and exercise classes we are currently offering for adults!


Pound is full body cardio jam session! It's a combination of Pilates, cardio, and different strength movements. Here we will be channeling your inner rockstar! Using your upper body with our lightly weight drumsticks, called Ripstixs, you will be burning off the calories and POUNDing off the pounds with each song we go through! The harder you rockout, the more intense the workout! And most importantly, make a lot of noise! Did I fail to mention that POUND is for everyone? Children and adults of all ages.

Replacement Classes

If the studio had to close due to bad weather. We offer Replacement Classes. This is where the parent can schedule with the receptionist, another day and time a class is being held in the same or similar dance style. This way the family is sure to receive their 4 lessons each month.We ask families that would like to replace their missed class to contact the studio and schedule within 2 weeks of the snow day.

Call us at 484-987-7697 to learn more about our different dance class programs and let us start teaching your child today.