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Massage Therapy

Every Child Deserves To Learn The Art Of Dance

Massage Therapy

While your child is taking a dance class you can get a Massage!

Here at Branches of Dance we encourage our dancers to take care of their bodies. As a dancer sore muscles happen. So we have partnered with Massage by Amy. Amy is a certified Yoga instructor at our studio. She offers Therapeutic Massage Treatments as well as Aromatherapy classes. Therapeutic massages not only include the use of Swedish massage strokes, but also techniques such as myofascial release, orthopedic massage, active isolated stretching, and trigger point therapy. Therapeutic massage may also be referred to as medical massage.

Aromatherapy helps relax muscles, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and also stimulates the body’s immune system.

  • 30 minutes-$40
  • 45 minutes-$55
  • 60 minutes-$70
  • 90 minutes-$100
  • 120 minutes-$130

Aromatherapy added to massage oil or diffused aromatically is an additional $8

All massages can be booked through Amy directly

610-467-7999 call or schedule online

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